Florida Inspection Company for Sale

Posted on behalf of seller with permission.

Inspection Company for sale for $100,000.

Company specializes in 4-point, wind mitigation and roof certification inspections covering 22 counties in the state of Florida but the bulk of inspections are conducted in Miami-Dade, Broward & Palm Beach counties.

Gross revenue for 2014 was $166,000. Revenues out of the gross conducted in Palm Beach, Broward & Miami-Dade counties alone for 2014 and were $102,000.

Territory runs up and down both sides of the coast from Tampa/St. Pete to Naples and on the East coast from St. Augustine to Miami with 2 inspectors covering North and South Orange County as well. Company is easily re-locatable.

Seller wants to seek other opportunities. If interested contact Steve Leffers (Broker) @ 678-866-8701 or S.Leffers@sagotec.com

how does one put a value on a business? serious question. I have heard something like rule of thumb is double the annual net or somthing to that nature

I have been told the amount of documented annual sales plus the value of equipment and supplies. To me, this inspector is selling at a good price.

I do think it does depend on the business and how it’s set up.

There was a guy several hours North of me trying to sell his Home Inspection Business. And he had a price laid out based on his business income.

But upon looking at his business, it was all him. His logo was his face. His website was all about him, with pictures of him. So while he had a great site, great logo, and a great business, I had to wonder what exactly did he have to sell? How many of his repeat clients, referrals, and such are still going to call once he removes himself from the business? So I don’t think net income really played into worth.

I have a friend who sold his business (not inspector related). He negotiated a price that gave him a percentage of future earnings. But before they closed, he asked to see their business plan. After seeing what the buyer was going to do, he decided to sell them his future percentage dirt cheap just to wash his hands of it.

What one person see as value is not necessarily what someone sees as the same value.

Well said, I could not have said it better.

What is to “guarantee” that the vendors/real estate agents will want to do business with the “new buyer”?

I don’t think selling is impossible. I think a cold transfer is tough but if there was a 3-6 month transition where the buyer is attending inspections run by the seller and meeting the agents a successful transition is very attainable. I sold another business this way and there was close to zero customer loss in a very relationship driven field.

We found that many referrals(realtors and clients) are willing to accept another inspector if they have met that inspector before. We had almost nobody reject our recent team member doing inspections on his own. He did inspections for six months and is now very well received(his schedule is full). I think most has to do personality. This is a relationship business. I hear of many inspectors that just do not understand customer service.

Yes sir…some you may want to work with and some you may not. Life is too short. Why waste time? :slight_smile:

We reuse to work with certain realtors all the time.