What is your Home Inspection Company worth

Is there a way to figure out what your Home Inspection Company is worth?

Anyone know of a rough formula or valuation type format? I am sure you must factor several things such as local market, age of company, total anual revenue, posessions… Just curious at this point

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The one thing about this business is that most of us are single inspectors. When we sell our business, we are selling ourselves. While we can put dollar amount on our business (and probably get it), our business is only as good as we are. I have seen many home inspection business’s fail shortly after they are sold because the new owner is not the old inspector everyone loved.

I think the way to go if you want to sell your business is to become a multi inspector company. That way, hopefullly you will retain the same inspectors that everyone is used to. Just my thoughts.

Thanks Guys for the info.

I guess you could consider my company a multi-firm. 2 other inspectors plus myself.

I figure take a average over my last 4 years 600 inspections $350.00 average divide by 2 and that would = what I would consider selling the biz for.

Someone new or another firm would likely acutally recoupe costs in 1/2 year at that average.