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to register for the Southeast Florida Chapter Event on August 12&13th before July 31st for $99. $149 thereafter.


Seats are filling fast. This will be a SOLD OUT event.

August 12th and 13th in Fort Lauderdale - the SE FLA NACHI Chapter is holding another 2-day advanced educational event. Everyone is welcome.


Steve Jawitz: Steve is a Professional Engineer and ASHI member, but he is one of us. He has been inspecting buildings here in South Florida since 1977 and has completed over 12,000 inspections. In addition to being an engineer and inspector he has been a professional instructor at Miami Dade Community College Owner Builder Center, a regular instructor at a nationally recognized leader in commercial building inspector schools, a professional instructor at a state wide commercial building contractor exam school and has hosted his own four hour radio show in South Florida on CBS radio for five years. He is often an expert witness in building related litigation cases. Steve is a great inspector and speaker and we are looking forward to hearing what he has to say about foundation issues and pool inspection from a building inspector's perspective. Steve is a member of NACHI.

Mary Kolf: Mary is the Founder and President of K Home Inspectors, a full service home inspection company located in Dade County Florida. Mary is Professor at MDC Business and Industry Dept at Miami Dade College, where she teaches Introduction, Advance and Practical Home Inspection - a 12 week course in the Kendall Campus. Mary is also a Licensed REALTOR, a Licensed Real Estate Appraiser and owner of an appraisal office. She has provided training in successful customer service and organizational procedures to various companies such as Sears, Target, Pizza Hut, Century 21, Ford Motor Co., University of P.R. Business Dept., Clairol Co., Beauty Schools, PRC and many others. Mary is one of the few women home inspectors in the South of Florida and fluent in both English and Spanish. Mary is also a member of NACHI.

Michael Rowan: Michael is the Founder and President of AmeriPro Inspection Corporation and Inspection Depot, Inc. He is a State Certified General Contractor - CGC #058730, a Certified 203K, a Consultant Member of SBCCI (Southern Building Code Congress International), an ASHI Chapter President, and a Certified Member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. His inspection firm completed over 25,000 combined inspections representing more than 40 years of combined inspection experience. With the founding of Inspection Depot, Inc., Michael Rowan brings to bear his years of inspection industry experience to tackle the day-to-day challenges of generating more revenue, delivering higher quality customer service, and improving inspectors? quality of life ? working smarter, not harder. Michael is also a regular speaker at NACHI Chapter meetings and his Inspection Depot provides home inspection illustrations for NACHI.org?s home page.

PRO-Lab: At the request of many that attended the last 2 Day Event and participated in the "Basic" Mold Collection Technician classes, we are offering this ADVANCED class. This class will NOT BE REPEATED. PRO-Lab and Disaster Restoration have agreed to dig deep and provide NACHI with this training at no charge. If you want to participate in the Mold Revenue Stream, if you want to advance your expertise in Mold Collection Techniques, then this class is a MUST!


Harvey Gordon, Florida NACHI President on the NEW Certified Home Inspector Directory, how to add $13,000 to your bottom line this year, intro to the NEW Florida Home Inspector Bill and the NEW Florida Home Inspection Exam! Lorne Steiner, will discuss better reporting, getting the realtor to pick you, say what you mean and be right and less work and more dollars. David Leshner, will discuss Mold...It's going to the dogs! Meet Florida's Mold Dogs, and learn why dogs are mold's worst friends! Jay Schwartz, SE Florida NACHI Vice-President will discuss the NEW Florida Home Inspector Bill and give an Update on Florida Legislation. Allen Lipschutz of Disaster Restoration Services will discuss how to make the buyer, realtor and seller all happy at the same time and how to double your inspection fee - every time. Nick Gromicko, NACHI's Janitor, will discuss cleaning up the home inspection mess, sterilizing your competition and how to mop up the profits. Mary Kolf of K Home Inspectors will discuss how to be a better 1 man (or woman) inspection company and how to organize your home inspection business in 1 day. Steve Jawitz, will discuss not answering your phones and letting others sell your inspection services for more money!


PRO-Lab, Disaster Restoration, Porter Valley Software, 3D Inspection System, Brinks, Inspection Depot, HomeGauge, DryFlekt, ServPro, GoSmallBiz.com, Mold Detection Services, FREA, Inspector?s Quarterly.

After the meeting...

Harvey Gordon, Nick Gromiko and Jay Schwartz will stay and help inspectors ONE-ON-ONE with tips to:

? Marketing your home inspection service directly to home buyers.
? Raising your prices when your competition charges less.
? Converting every call into a scheduled inspection.
? Creating a marketing brochure that works in Florida.
? Tweaking your website to generate more inspection work.

The Westin Hotel
400 Corporate Drive, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 33334
Phone: (954) 772-1331 ? Fax (954) 491-9087
Room discount for overnight guests:
The hotel has just extended a $79.00 room rate for NACHI members!!! That is almost 50% OFF!!
In order to get that rate:

1. You must book by August 9th.
2. You must state that you are a NACHI member and coming for the meeting.
3. You must call the hotel directly at 1-800-937-8461.

Jay Schwartz
Coast To Coast Home Services, Inc
Southeast Florida NACHI Chapter - VP www.floridanachi.org
NACHI - Legislative Committee Member
MAB - Member

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How are you all doing??

What is your count? With all the high powered advertising being done, I sense that your numbers are not coming out right

Remember it is hard to BS a BSer

What are your numbers?

Are you trying to pay off losses from the last event?

If you must - regroup before things get worse

The main indicator is the mailing that I got today and that you are not maxed out with two days to go at the discount rate

What are the numbers and how many more do you need??

I really want to see these type of events continue in FL

Open disclosure is always the best way to solve a problem,

And don't say your don't have a problem when your do


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Mr Brilliant,

I have replied to your questions by Private Message.

If you have any additional concerns regarding the upcoming event I would like to ask you call me at 954-227-7001.

BTW, for the record...as of today we have over 100+ HI's registered! And we should get another 100 prior to the event and possibly another 20 or so walk ups!

Harvey Gordon
SE Florida NACHI Chapter - President

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Greg Bell

Bell Inspection Service

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Gerry Beaumont
NACHI Education Committee
e-mail : education@nachi.org
NACHI phone 484-429-5466

Inspection Depot Education

"Education is a journey, not a destination"

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Mr. Bell

Mr. Gordon has made a request (see his post)

Since there is no problem with the projections and the numbers at this time and everything else is OK, my post is totally out of line. There is no COE problem that I am aware of.

Now as to your post. I am not upset yet!

I just noted that there has been a lot of effort to get the word out including a three page mailer from NACHI which would indicate that the numbers were not at the projected point.

This observation is not something for me to get upset about

As you have stated there are three very professional people who run the chapter. They are trying to help Florida and to some extent all home inspectors in the USA. We are in good hands. I now have no worry as to how they are steering the good ship USS FLORIDA NACHI.

It seems that all issues are being professionally addressed and issues are one of the items that draw people to events such as we are having down here in Florida.

Keep up the good work - I hope classes get too big for one instructor and we can recruit you Mr. Bell. You sure have the education and background - Why not raise your hand and give it a try??

Again I am not upset

Nothing to be upset about

Have a good day


Richard L Bennett
(Not brilliant just a home inspector)

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gbell wrote:
Looks like we have a Jim Bushart Jr in the making.

This is exactly what I thought Jim would bring to NACHI.

Just an FYI Richard,

The three guys that run the SE chapter always strive for more. That is why you see the push to advertise this event.

I am just wondering what has upset you that you would make such a post?

You guys love to hold others accountable but hate it when the same thing is done to you? I love it. ![icon_lol.gif](upload://zEgbBCXRskkCTwEux7Bi20ZySza.gif) ![icon_lol.gif](upload://zEgbBCXRskkCTwEux7Bi20ZySza.gif)

Hang in there, Richard.

Home Inspection Services of Missouri

"We're NACHI. Get over it."


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Registrations have been coming in all day. Less than 27 hours before the event goes to $149. Register for $99 now at www.floridanachi.org

I would like to thank NACHI Central for sending out to all Florida Inspectors the upcoming events. This letter campaign was designed and executed flawlessly.

The online registration that Chris setup is a great help to all. Registrants get their confirmation sent to them shortly after the payment is processed.

Any Chapter President interested in having this for your event, I highly recommend it.

Thank you to those who have registered!

Jay Schwartz
Coast To Coast Home Services, Inc
Southeast Florida NACHI Chapter - VP www.floridanachi.org
NACHI - Legislative Committee Member
MAB - Member

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Lets not blow on the fire so to speak

I know that you were brought into something that was not your fight

In reality it is not a fight yet

I also know that I was called your son -- (Jr) This I will over look at the moment if you will also do

I also understand about calling people to standards -- right now all parties have addressed accountability of the numbers

Lets us all wish all parties the best and if we have any personal issues lets take them off line

If there are any pubic issues then lets get them on the table and on line. Open delscosuer is were it is at - be it the members in a chapter, the $$, the #

I am still not up set