Florida Licensing. This is the ACTUAL Bill signed into law by the Governor.

http://www.nachi.org/documents/FLlicense.pdf (pdf).

Last Monday, the New Hampshire State Chapter of NACHI was given a 48-hour notice of a House of Representative subcommittee meeting on as they have labeled it …the “NACHI” Home /Commercial Inspectors Bill.
The two ASHI paid lobbyists, the president of ASHI northern New England, and the president of the fake/make-believe “Independent Coalition" were there trying to further modify this Bill.

In spite of this short notice we showed up in force and ……. We tore them a new A-Hole!
[FONT=Arial]Since ASHI and the fake coalition read the NACHI bulletin board to gather “inside information” I will say no more on this issue.


Thanks Nick for posting this for me. Two Chapters this week are having meetings. This post will make it a lot easier to get the info out to them.

Again many thanks!

Thanks Nick.

I look forward to seeing you at the meeting.

I am glad your coming Greg. Looking forward to seeing you.


We should see if this is a record for having two chapter meetings back to back here in Florida. You mentioned something in your announcement about the roof mitigation issue. Can you give me some more info on that? I’m not going to be able to go to the west coast meeting on the 12th and make it over to your south coast meeting on the 13th. But it would be great if both groups can get the same info flowing.

Hello to all.

What exactly does this legislation mean for the FL residents just looking to get into this business now? What is required between now and 2010?

Thanks for such a useful and informative forum and website. I think I might be joining soon!


Inspector Joe,
You can learn a lot about the licensing law and how to comply this weekend by attending the FLASHI conference at World Golf Village in Saint Augustine. State Rep. Wise (the person who wrote the bill) will be the keynote speaker. Also, Larry Cerro ( a well connected Tallahassee inspector) will be presenting a class on how to comply with the new laws. Greg Bell and Joe Burkeson will also be there presenting thier ICC boot camp and Gerry B. will be presenting a class on Manufactured Housing Inspections. Anyone seeking info on the new laws and how to comply can attend. All inspectors across all associations are welcome and encouraged to attend. For more info, please visit www.flashi.org.