Florida Retrofits has expanded!

Some of you may know us already. If not, we add straps and clips. We install blocking or just add nails (whatever is required for each truss). We are currently in Volusia county and all the way to the Keys. We just expanded to the West Coast and are helping many homeowners get their credits back. I think it is important that Nachi members know who we are because we have been called out to fix several jobs that other contractors did and the homeowner did not get the credit. EVERY homeowner that has hired us has received the credit. We go to every truss or we don’t do the job. We are looking for a good inspection company to reinspect the jobs we do on the West coast from Tampa to Marco Island. Please email me @ cody@floridaretrofits.com if you handle these areas and are interested.

Let me know when you are working in southeast Florida. Maybe we can meet and see if we are able to send work your way

James, Am I correct in believing we have worked together once with a mutual client?


I am on the West Coast (Charlotte,Lee & Collier)and may have some opportunities here. I reviewed your web site. If you have a chance give me a call 239-980-3302 but call between 5:00 PM and 7:00 PM to discuss, thank you !

I am always looking for someone to refer this type of work to. I don’t know anyone who does it here (Pinellas, Pasco, Hillsborough). Be happy to hand out your name and number when people ask who will install that extra 3rd nail. Shoot me an email with info.

Mike, I think we did a job together about 2 years ago

James, do you guys give a letter to the homeowner stating the truss connection meets the requirements for Wind Mitigation credit?

Fred is a great resource on this coast. He has been around for a while.

Guys these guys did a good job for one of my clients and even took a ton of picts that could be used in a follow up report to really prove it to the insurance company.

I recommend them :slight_smile:

We have been referring work to them for years, they are good guys.

We also have been referring work to these guys, and I have seen there work first hand and they do what they say there going to do. Good company.

Did Russ just call Fred old?

I think he might have but I still like the guy ;-)… because he knows I’m young at heart !