Are You Doing wind Mits In S.E. Florida ?

You all by now have heard my story about how I am willing to do them for you if you cannot do them but this is a brand new different idea.:mrgreen:

Many customers are getting the short end of the stick due to how many nails are in the hurricane straps. The old MSFH program said if it had 3 then you got the credit. Both oir 1802’s state there must be 4. I had a customer ask me today what if he put the nails in himself? I could not see any reason why that would not be allowed. If you know why that would not be allowed please let me know.

I am not offering this service because there is no way in hell my big a s s self is going to climb to the edge of every truss and put in the xtra nails no matter what the pay is.

I do however have a guy that I have worked with for over 15 years. He is a very small framed guy who weighs about 110 soaking wet. I have talked to him and he seems very interested in providing this service.

I would like to hear any ideas or thoughts you may have on this. If I have him do this for my customers I may be looking for someone to pass the lead on to so they can do a new inspection. I would be doing this so I could in no way be accused of anything unethical.
If you want his contact information just get hold of me and we will talk. He has not yet starting doing this. Just do me a favor if you are in South Florida please use my guy because he needs the work and my customer and I came up with the idea. If you live outside of South East Florida please feel free to find someone else. I do feel the need to repeat myself by saying I will in no way be making a dime on any of this but maybe I can make a few friends that can send me work that is not in their area. Let me know what you all thanks.:mrgreen:

This is a joke, sorry, your idea is a joke. I don’t think you or the little guy you hired to do this has any clue in what you’re talking about. You might want to go back to class and get a little more educated in what you think is the proper way to do it.

Jorge I respect you opinion but would like to know what you think the problem is?

I have not hired the little guy. He has worked with me for over 15 years. I will not be hiring him to do this. I came up with the idea to help my friend make some money. He is a damn hard worker and does not mind crawling around in attics for good pay.
What class are you talking about? I go straight to the horses mouth for the answers the OIR and do you know what they tell me?

In my opinion do you know who I think should be teaching the classes? Lawyers who can tell us exactly what the form means and exactly what means what. Because nobody provides the answers.

I could write a course and submit it for approval and be teaching a course and what good would that do. Students would only be getting my opinion.

Those that teach the class where do they get there info from?

What are you referring to doing the proper way?

I am not talking about doing anything on the form or even me filling it out.

I have a guy that will add a nail or 2 in the straps so the homeowner can get the strap credit. Please show or tell me how this may be wrong.

I have no vested interest in the process I am just helping a guy get started making some money and helping customers get credits they deserve and I will NOT be doing the re-inspection so what exactly is your beef?

Please explain

There is no way anyone can add a nail to all of the straps without either removing the soffits or the roof decking. IF someone is going to retrofrit these straps it needs to be done when the roof is replaced, and at that, it would cost more than most people would want to pay. Also, what proof would you have that the right nail was used? Even if this was done, it will need to be signed off on by an engineer. CRAZY IDEA.

Just a thought. That is what I wanted, everyones opinion. like I said there was no way I was gonna do it. The form says nothing about the type of nail and the form is specific about the form. I will be gone for a few hours.

Hi to all. More and more of you are now sending me work. If you have worked with me please relate your experience. There is no reason why the rest of you cannot make some money now and give your customers the inspection they need.

Contact me anytime with any questions. Everything is always negotiable with me.

YOU have NOTHING to lose only I could lose. I do the inspection you charge your client whatever you want I send you or them the report then you send me my money. No contracts no problems.

If you can think of a reason not to do it please let me know.