Fluke Ti100, Ti110, Ti125, TiR110, TiR125

Here is a list of the newest Fluke offerings.

Fluke Ti100
Fluke Ti110
Fluke Ti125
Fluke TiR110
Fluke TiR125

Tons of information on those pages.

To be honest I haven’t really looked at them myself yet. I know they finally introduced video out on some of the models.

Jason Kaylor - JJ
VP of Specialty Products
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If you cannot afford to buy a camera or are just too cheap, Android has an app for that. Search “Thermal camera”

Blessed are the blissfully ignorant, for they shall be easily led… and certified… :shock:

Misterrrrrr Anderson,

Did you see that those cams can do video in both digital and infrared…at least that is the way I am reading it. I am wondering how long before someone does PiP video. :cool:


Actually that app. has provided me some of the most fun I have ever had. I loaded it up and told three reps here that we might be in trouble because of the new Android IR app. Two of them actually bought the story and were freaking out for most of the day.



Therein lies a problem that I have been telling inspectors who have contacted me regarding entering the IR field… many/most reps and some (ehem) “educators” don’t have a clue as to what imager is even remotely adequate for residential and commercial applications.
The really scary part is there are some “IR certified” and experienced inspectors who actually believe this app is for real and can actually turn your phone into a real thermal imager. (Use it in a totally dark room and see what kind of images you can get) :shock:
In my opinion… most of the lower end cameras marketed to inspectors aren’t much better or any more useful for residential and commercial inspections than this app (as fun as it is I agree), but at least the low ends are actually IR cameras.

On the plus side, the android app can take higher resolution photos and use a bigger view screen than most lower end cameras though! So I can see why many inspectors would get excited about it! :slight_smile:

All you need is that app and Johnnie’s class and you are ready to make the big bucks.:p:p

Jason -

Those look awful puny. Little suckers / Not man size. How you gonna use one of them in a bar fight.

What did they do with the TiR32

lol, got me.

You know the weird thing is their pictures of the units are not good or something. The screen is still 3.5". It looks super narrow to me in the picture. Maybe it is 3.5" diagonal, yet only 2" across. I have no clue. If it is the same screen they use now, then the images of the units do it no justice.

Jason Kaylor
AC Tool Supply

I have the app and it’s awesome. No way am I buying a camera now.

Got to see the TiR125 today. Cool features BUT most of little use to me, video out, laser pointer, girly stuff.

AND not the resolution of the Ti32. Light weight but screen looks like Flir.