F'n Marines....

Happy 235th Birthday and Semper Fi!

Did you go to the Ball? :smiley:

No but a bunch of Jarheads are having a party a the pub down the street tonight. That’s where I’ll be!

Here’s a picture of one of the newest. My son graduated boot camp just this last Friday.

Semper Fi grunts!

I just cannot resist this…MARINE =

My *** Rides In Navy Equipment

And ARMY = Aren’t Real Marines Yet!

Good looking kid, expert rifleman. Nice!

Mark, GOOD LOOKING MARINE!! Did you get to go to GRADUATION!!!

Happy Birthday!!!

Semper Fi !!! 1964-1968

500 yards, two in the chest, one in the head.

The whole family went along with his fiance. It was great.

For a good friend of mine, today and the next two are the perfect storm. He was a Marine in Vietnam.

Today is the Marine Corps birthday. Tomorrow is Veterans Day. And Friday is his [65th] birthday.