Follow-Up: Jamison Family Windsor ON

Hey gang,

Here’s a follow up to the story of the local family that was duped by scummy inspector into buying a mould infested home. this left them living in a leaky camper in their backyard with their 3 young children. My company, Northern Inspection Group Inc. (Windsor) donated money, and services to the family which was published in news outlets across Canada including the Windsor Star. After hearing the story, HGTV & DIY Network TV Contractor Bryan Baeumler and his wife Sarah came to Windsor to offer the help of their foundation (the Baeumler Family Foundation). In August, Bryan and myself did a complete Mould Inspection if the home which led to me helping gut the house with him and his crew in October.

Today, the family got the keys back to their home. My wife and two young daughters were there to support the family and be there for the revealing of their “new” home. (My son was in school)

Below is the Windsor Star article published this evening.
(You can see me holding my daughter with my wife to the left, in the picture of Sarah Baeumler and Cindy Jamieson hugging after a heartfelt speech from the couple to the Baeumlers)

Again a big thank you to Nick Gromicko for sending the family $300 to help with some essentials for them and the kids back in August. They were very thankful.

Always remember; it’s good to be on the side of the good guys. Don’t end up on the wrong side like the first inspector. Although still operating, he will be facing multiple attorneys in court this year. Be true to you and your clients.

Stephan thanks for the update glad it worked out well for all .
Great to see so much cooperation from so many people.
Getting this information out for every one to see is great much appreciated … Roy

Have there ever been any "before " pictures posted?

No, just some pics from the original articles I believe. Links to those are on here somewhere from previous posts.

I have pictures from the inspection I performed for them after the home was condemned by the city. House is 12 years old if I recall.

it started here

Thanks Roy :slight_smile:

Great to see there are still those that care deeply for individuals left holding keys to a Mold filled Home, along with the problems they did not deserve.