Member Stephan Tremblay helps family after botched inspection by non-member.

(Nick Gromicko, CMI) #1

InterNACHI member and Certified Master Inspector Stephan Tremblay can be reached by visiting his website at

(Stephan Tremblay, CMI) #2

Thanks Nick…this family needs all the help they can get.

(Russell J. Hensel) #3

awesome Stephen…ty for making the industry shine a little brighter

(Stephan Tremblay, CMI) #4

It is my duty as a member of my community, as a husband, father and inspector to help those who need it. AmeriSpec needs to stop handing these franchises out to everyone with a wad of cash and dreams of getting rich quick. The inspector in question is a 10-year vet and AmeriSpec franchise owner. Now a family of 5 get to look at their condemned house from a s hitty pop-up camper in their back yard pissing in a bucket and drinking from the god damn garden hose.

(Mike Auger) #5

That is truly a sad story, good on you Steve for acting. Every positive action IS a big deal.

(Roy D. Cooke, Sr) #6

Fantastic looks like you are getting posted in a lot of Canadian Papers .
Smooth move well done you deserve a big pat on the back … Roy

(Paul Miner) #7

Now that’s some heartbreaking stuff, thanks to Stephen it’s also heart warming.
Stephan, you have raised the bar. “Thank You”

(David A. Andersen, TN HI# 40) #8

This will probably give these folks something to consider:

(Stephan Tremblay, CMI) #9

Thanks guys. My wife and I do things just like this often, this is just the first time we got a little recognition for it :slight_smile: Decent advertising as well for my company and InterNACHI members as that is what they will find when looking at my website. “Do unto others…” :wink:

(Stephan Tremblay, CMI) #10

Really Roy? If you could post some links to other outlets that would be great to see. I also received an email from Sarah Baulmler, wife of contractor and TV Host Bryan Baulmler about helping them help this family. Lowes is donating all of the materials to fix the issues and I am hoping we can provide some help as well.

(Marcel Gratton, CMI) #11

Worth repeating!

Good on you Stephan, you’re the man!

(Nick Gromicko, CMI) #12

Stephan, is there something we can do to help also?

(Stephan Tremblay, CMI) #13

Great Update!

(Stephan Tremblay, CMI) #14

If InterNACHI is willing to donate, I can present it to the family. There talks of filming the renovation on HGTV. Unfortunately the insurance will not be providing replacement of personal property so anything we can do will help. Their 12 year old son has special needs and the other 2 are 4 and 5. If you could schmooze someone at Toys R Us or something like that, it would help these kids see the sunshine I’m sure! If you want me and my crew to represent NACHI on international TV consider it done!

(Stephan Tremblay, CMI) #15


(Paul Miner) #16

Pass the hat my way, I will toss in the 1st $20.

(Stephan Tremblay, CMI) #17

Thanks Paul, it would be nice to get something together on behalf of InterNACHI members across North America and present it to the family. Got word HGTV is going to film the Reno and want my wife and I and my company to be featured. Might be good advertising for the worlds largest Home Inspector Association and the most generous! :slight_smile:

(Paul Miner) #18

I feel that you will make Mike Holmes a little nervous, give it all you got!
“It’s your time to shine”

(Nick Gromicko, CMI) #19

InterNACHI is in for $300.

(Paul Miner) #20

I salute you Nick, lead by example.
Will you be providing Stephen with a fancy new shirt with logos? We need to get him all dolled up prior to his national debut.
Be sure to remove the tags from the shirt before you go live…just trying to help!