Footings above frost line

To add a separate entrance for a basement suite the foundation has been excavated to the footings, you can see them along with the weeping tile. The frost line here is about 6 feet. So whatever they do, the footings at this point will be exposed to severely cold temperatures, at least -30 C or about -20 F, it can go to -40. In addition to exposing the foundation they have also removed the sump pump which used to drain the weeping tile. I have no idea what the new ABS is for, possibly going to the storm drain, so maybe that’s OK. But I am thinking the possibility for foundation damage due to exposure is extreme, but this is not my area of expertise. What say you foundation guys?

The ABS connects the new drain inlet under the bucket. Here in Missouri enough heat leaks out under the foundation to prevent frost issues, but in your climate some type of frost protection may be needed.

The footing needs to be below the frost line. It looks like you also have egress issues.

Example code detail

Or at least in Ontario - an engineered solution that protects the footings from frost action.

I have no idea what I’m looking at.

  1. I see a door installed in the floor of a crawlspace.
  2. I see a footing that looks like its buried under at least 4 ft. of soil, exposed only on the interior. So I guess the concern is that it gets down to -40 in the crawl? Since the crawl is located underground it should be warmer than the outside air, since below the frostline the soil is about 50 degrees.
  3. Inlet drain? If that’s a drain, why’s it so high?

Lets look at it this way…

Not if you’re a mole person.

Thanks Roy :oops:

Looks like the dug a hole to add a basement door.
I don’t like the shoring for one .