Forbest 4188XX sewer camera with sonde

Forbest 4188XX Series Sewer Camera.

  • Clear 10” LCD Monitor with Dual USB & SD Card Recording
  • Choose Between:
  • 1" (23 mm) C23 Detachable Waterproof Color Camera with Self-Leveling & 512 HZ Sonde Transmitter (6mm Cable)
  • Anti Glare Screen Visor
  • High Power LED Lights
  • 200 FT Fiberglass Cable & Reel with Meter Counter
  • Heavy Duty Waterproof Case
  • Rechargeable 6600mA Li-ion Battery Lasting 4 Hours
  • Included Power/Battery Adapter and Interchangeable Skids for Easy Traversing Through Pipelines

    I bought this with promises from many realtors of getting more business. I have only used it one time. Paid $2999.00 will sell $2500.00. I had a septic company tell me this is a very good system. Email me at