Anyone use use sewer cameras for inspection?

I am looking into getting a sewer cam and am finding a ton of options ranging from $500 to$5000+. I would appreciate any opinions on the matter since Ive never used them.

Realistically I doubt Ill need anything beyong 100’, and the technology seems pretty straight foward. I want reliable and easy to use, Im having a hard time accepting that you need to spend 2500 for such a simple thing.

Use them all the time. I have 200’ of push rod with a self leveling camera, video display with usb recorder. Spent about 4k on it. The cheap ones aren’t worth it. Also splurge for the self leveling camera


Custom made. The rigids break too easy and don’t last very long. Buy cheap, buy twice

These are some of the cameras Im looking at:

Viztrac Sewer Camera Push Cable Video System with Sonde = 2000

**General DPS16 Pipe and Duct Video
Borescope Inspection = 2500
1" Drain Camera VIPER with XT512 Portable Locator = 3200

1.57" Self-Leveling Pipe Camera GECKO= 5300


Im just having a hard time believing its worth 5k right now. Imo, I dont need a monitor, I have a tablet with hdmi, usb ports that Id rather use anyway, so the only thing that is important is a compatible camera, a push cable worth getting, self leveling sounds important, and the tracking capabilities can justify a jack up in price.

A computer tablet or android tablet can take care of everything else I believe.


what is your opinion of camera skates? Those attachment on the camera to keep it pointed down the pipe.

Ok, it sounds like you already know what you’re looking for then

Never had a need for them, so I don’t really have an opinion on them

:wink: still scratching head here, what i want doesnt exsist yet, … a super cheap camera with tons of reviews saying it was the best thing since slice bread.