Forgot To Connect HVAC Duct

Interesting images of very hot cathedral ceiling with apparent missing register. Owners have been heating the ceiling for 12 years! :slight_smile:

How do you know it just not missing insulation?

Because it’s not 105F outdoors this week!? :wink:

Could be solar loading but the patterns outside of the rafter bays indicate air movement.

32 degree outside temperature with 9" batt insulation at the inaccessable cathedral ceiling. No existing register in large master bathroom, except for one in toilet closet. Apparent 105 degree temperature matched reflected temperature recorded at adjoining bath register.

To verify this, I would also look at the roof in this area, either using thermal or just looking for melted snow, if you have snow.

If the underside of the roof decking is warm, most probably a detached duct.

A good fiber video scope can also be used in areas that are inaccessable. The modern day ones are in the $300 ballpark and can take pictures or even record. They also have their own built in LED light(s) so dark areas are easily accessable for images.


Doesn’t snow much in Texas, Will=) Though we had a white Christmas Eve in Dallas and it is supposed to snow this afternoon. So much for global warming.

I have found that a couple of times. I found it in the summer so the initial image showed cold at the spot when it was hot outside. Then I verify by running the heat. Have a set of images showing the spot going from cold to hot. If I have some time I will try and round them up and post them.

Nice find John.

Found them.

Easy way to check your finding john. Run the heater get things hot and then turn on just the blower no heat. If the pattern changes you got your information. Or if you can repeat the pattern over and over.