Formaldehyde In Trailers

My question… how much formaldehyde is in the trailers sold******** everyday on the open market?**
see article below

** High Levels of Formaldehyde in FEMA Trailers Force Agency to Seek Alternatives**

By MedHeadlines • Feb 15th, 2008 • Category: Poisoning

            High levels of formaldehyde found in FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) trailers have forced the agency to intensify its efforts to find alternative shelter for Gulf coast hurricane victims.

Currently 38,000 families are still living in the trailers and mobile homes.

From the time the families began occupying the trailers, there were complaints about respiratory and other health problems associated with formaldehyde exposure. More than 7,000 families have asked to leave the trailers because of concerns of formaldehyde.

Children, the elderly and people with respiratory problems are the most vulnerable to problems from formaldehyde exposure, said Dr. Julie L. Gerberding, director of the disease control centers. About a third of the 519 trailers and mobile homes tested by her agency had levels of formaldehyde that could be expected to cause symptoms in such people, Dr. Gerberding said.

With the hurricane season fast approaching, FEMA has vowed not to use these trailers again in the future but has not specified what alternative housing they will have to offer.

The agency also has not yet decided whether to force out people who have the trailers parked on their own property. Nor does the agency have a program to help families that have incurred medical bills because of formaldehyde exposure,

The reason for the high levels of formaldehyde is still being investigated by the Centers for Disease Control.

yeah that’s bad. Formaldehyde is in particle board too and it smells awful. I refuse to buy anything but all wood furniture. And I took the green house test and my house is a B+ yay for me!! But sad for the people who have to stay in those trailers.

Any new information on why the FEMA trailers are so bad?

Because someone bothered to measure the toxic levels that are actually
in a lot of trailers, but never get noticed.

Here’s a couple of other questions…

1). Weren’t these trailers supposed to be “temporary” housing?

2). Why are these people still living in them?

I would have thought that by now, they could have at least found an apartment somewhere in the US. There’s a bounty of vacant bank owned properties on the market in my neck of the woods.

The particle board used in these trailers contain glue that off gasses Formaldehyde. The glue in these boards are safe but not in high volumes. The manufacturer of these boards have to continuously past several tests, one is strength, before the boards are excepted by the home manufacturer. The supervisors of the board manufacturers get paid a bonus over a certain volume. If they drop below a certain volume they get their butts chewed. So they just turn up the glue content to make the board stronger. Thus passing the strength test.
Formaldehyde is orderless. Occupants of these trailers are being poisoned by their own government. Some rich people call it a cleansing process of undesirables, just because these people have nothing that they can someday take. I call it American Greed.

These people have nothing left. No home, their families split apart, no place to work because the businesses are washed away. They are proud of where they grew up. A stubborn pride which I understand. Our government and most people of the Untied States have failed them. They are beaten down.
Our government is corrupt. This administration’s cronys robbed from the tax payers while most of the tax payers sat in their big comfortable chairs in their living rooms of their homes after eating a big dinner in front of their big screen TVs, watching each theft as it was reported and saying nothing.
The definition of “temporary” for this government is like the words “War on Terror” Just words used to distract the child while his lollipop gets stolen.
“You have done a fine job Brownie”

Sorry James, it may sound cruel to you but I don’t agree at all. It’s been 2 years. People have to take responsibility for themselves and their own circumstances. I’ve had hard times myself. I went 9 months without being able to find a job. I finally came to the conclusion that I had to make my own. If I went 9 months without a home, I think I would do the same. It’s time for the kids to grow up and move out on their own. It’s not the governmets (our) responsibility to give them a nice home to live in. Whether the government is corrupt or not is irrelivant. These people need to get an appartment, or house. If there are none where they live, then they need to move. I’m very happy to help someone in need, but not forever. It’s about personal responsibility.