Found in basement

This mornings inspection I came across this white stuff in a basement. I have never seen Efflorescence this bad before, but I’m assuming that is what is is. The basement had evidence of recent moisture intrusion. Am I correct?

I’d say efflorescence too, yes.

Looks like it is to me too.

Never seen that much…but I agree…

For me it is Efflorescence too, i would like to know about it.

Agreed and yes I have seen this much.
This is what is needed

You are 100% correct! Please note the “watermarks” on the wall behind the “minerals/salt”!
Nick has provided you with an outstanding and easy-to-understand link to a very well documented cause of efflorescence.

Articles like these that we received for “free” are one of the reasons that Professional Home Inspectors have left other associations and gravitate towards InterNachi.

  • The “education” that you receive here is priceless:nachi:

Jimmy Hoffa…???