Know what this is?

The paint peeled off of this foundation wall and had this white crystal like substance behind it. I know there was water damage in this basement in the past. Was just looking for some insight. The picture isn’t the greatest.


Looks like a calcium residue to me. Is the calcium count high in the water there?


  1. efflorescence, hard water, lead based paint peeling away from whatever finish on top.

was this house around 80+ years old?

Yep…VERY common.


efflorescence blisters.jpg


don’t lick it …it is very salty…

The voice of experience? :wink:

Jim licks everything, his way of testing and Identifying. :mrgreen::twisted::wink:

who needs a lab…

Gee, I should of thought of that, especially with what they charge.
I got to try that. :vomit::wink:

efflorescence = Saltpeter

I prefer the high blood pressure pills, I don’t have to lick it. :mrgreen::wink:

I did an inspection and the clients father-in-law was an expert on every thing and challenged all my statements .
I found some efflorescence .
He said that’s it we are out of here I can not let my daughter buy this home it is full of deadly mold .
I tried to explain it was just calcium salt coming through with the dampness and was not deadly .
He got really upset and said I new nothing .
With that I grabbed some of the wall put it in my mouth and said gee it taste’s like salt to me .
He left and the lady said thank you he can be an *** some times . She listened to me bought the home , extended the down spouts added some more dirt outside and a dehumidifier inside and loves the home .
has since sent me two more inspections for her friends.

Isn’t it funny how for generations how we have planted flowerbeds next to our houses, laid down the water hose & let it run until it over flowed & not thought a thing about it, until we became home inspectors & found out that is the worst thing you can do to your foundation ? I’m still trying to wean my flower loving wife away from the foundation. I had to show her what it was doing to our basement wall on that side of the house…