Foundation Cut and removed Why?

I have seen a-lot of firsts this week. Home built in 1978. Forclosed in 2012. Home has poured and concrete block foundation with basement and crawlspace configuration. Inspection of crawlspace area observed a trench dug along the wall of basement and a section of foundation cut out under front wall at garage slab. Foam board insulation was installed.
Any ideas why they would have cut foundation and removed such a large section? Seems like a-lot of work. Would it be for foam board installation? What would you recommend?
I have included photos and a “crude” drawing of area in question.
Let me know what you think.

PDF won’t download.


Was the cutout section of concrete, in the first photo, the section cutout of the basement wall for the access hole into the crawlspace?

The trench is the overdig left when excavating for the basement that was never backfilled.

The only issue I see is the garage area is usually backfilled with gravel before pouring the garage floor. I don’t see any backfill material looking under the garage foundation wall.

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Hey Randy,
The cut out concrete was from the wall of crawlspace below/at the gararge floor slab.

It did for me. Here it is in jpg.

I opened the download.
It looks like venting.
If you see no signs of installation for wiring or mechanical fasteners for equipment, I will go with venting the partial foundation.
Question I would ask myself.
Any windows in the basement?
Any signs of high RH, efflorescence, water staining or past flooding?,
Any bad weather for freak storms? is the trench in the crawl space you speak of look like water ran a course?
Was that used to empty a water dam in the crawl space.
IMO You are a solid HI without a doubt. I would write up what I observed and move on.
Hope that helps.
All the best.