Foundation efflorescence concrete blocks noted

I performed an inspection yesterday on a 1.2M home with a concrete raised foundation. During the garage inspection I noticed that around the perimeter of the raised foundation concrete blocks there is efflorescence across the board in just about all the blocks. I normally do not see this phenomenon.

However, I know that exception can be made during the first few years of a building’s construction when efflorescence will appear as a result of moisture locked within the masonry in a process called “new building bloom.” This house is 7 years old. I suspect that there might be an issue with the either a minor water leak (plumbing system) or no moisture barrier was installed. It really puzzles me because the builder is known for building quality homes. The interior flooring of the house is hard wood flooring over concrete. Some minor cupping and buckling is also noticeable. When using a TRAMEX moisture meter set on wood the reading goes to about 25% Any ideas??

Don’t speculate…simply note your observations and move on… trying to explain or speculate as to why efflorescence exist after numerous years is counter productive… I have seen it on homes over 10 - 15 years… if anything simply point out that is cosmetic and how to deal with same.