Foundation Enters agreement with Cognigen Networks

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LAUREL, MD, AUGUST 11, 2005: The NACHI Foundation, Inc and Cognigen Networks, Inc have entered into a deal to contribute a percentage of sales to The NACHI Foundation, Inc. Cognigen Networks, Inc is a leading supplier of small and medium office communication products. Through the NACHI member portal site of members will be able to sign up for various services such as long distance, VOIP, 800 numbers, and wireless service. According to The NACHI Foundation Executive Director, Gary Johnson ?Raising money for a non-profit in this day and age is a tough task, therefore we are looking to rely on fundraising methods that involve percentages from sales our members make. The Foundation is prepared and looking to move forward in our mission.? .

Anyone is available to make help the Foundation by making purchases at all sales recorded at the site will be credited to The NACHI Foundations account.

Gary (Snicker's) Johnson - Free NACHOS
The NACHI Foundation
Executive Director