Foundation wall crack questions

Hi everyone. New to the forum and a laymen. I live in a split level home in Michigan. The lower level has about 3 feet bellow grade. The house was built in 1998 and I have lived in it for about 4 years.

What started as some wet carpet on the finished lower level lead to the discovery of a crack in the foundation wall from floor to top of the foundation. Crack is hairline at its narrowest and about 1/16" at its widest (top of the foundation).

My plan was the have this excavated from the exterior and repaired.

The issue is the more I investigate the more I find. Upon pulling the carpet back a little, there is a crack in the floor at relatively the same place. I can’t tell how far across the floor it extends as I haven’t pulled the carpet back but a few inches. The crack in the floor however has been repaired with a black sealant.

I’m not sure how concerned I should be about foundation issues or if I should just proceed with having the wall crack repaired as planned.

Any insight is much appreciated. I’ll do my best to answer any questions you have.

Jon, where are you located in MI? The reason that I ask is because some of us know the BEST person for your situation in S/E MI.

P.S. can you reduce the pics a little? It is hard to visualize when scrolling back and forth.

I know exactly who you’re referring to. I’ve reached out to him online and plan on calling the number listed in his profile. We are on opposite sides of the state however.
I’ll work on reducing the pics. Thanks for your response.

Stopping the water from the exterior is the best fix, make sure the homes foundation drain is working at the same time.

Looks like shrinkage cracking in the pics. You need to use something like this. Read the instructions.

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Thanks for the nice words Larry.

I have talked with Mr. Fife, he spent me some photos of his problem area. I have offered to help him if he chooses. It’s winter now so not much I can do for him/others until early March.

All due respect to some other HI’s but why recommend things that often or always fail, do not last or do not correctly identify the homeowners actual problem(s)? Sheesh, same old crap my guys and I have heard and seen for decades! Crack repair kits? lollll