Foundation wall type

How do you determine during inspection the foundation wall type…poured concrete, concrete block…
I have a house with full basement ( cold climate) with garage under the house at the same level of the basement.
I have concrete blocks in my garage but going back to my home inspection report i noticed the inspector tick the " poured concrete" for foundation wall…?
A mistake or both possible?

As to your first question. Below grade garage.

Fire and common walls can be CMU. Foundation, poured concrete.
Have an image?

Are the concrete blocks at the exterior walls or the interior walls between the garage and living space?

Walls inside the garage are all concrete blocks.( all the same, exterior, interior…)

Outside looks like that.

And the garage obviously is part of the foundation.( basement)

You have masonry blocks (CMU) with a parge coat at the exterior side.


I’m going to take a wild guess and agree with Christopher. :wink:

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Yep.thks.Now i can see the shape of some CMU under the parge in some area outside. no idea where the inspector found poured concrete…still looking around…:smirk:

Well, they poured the concrete into the form to make the blocks, lol.


Happens all the time. Welcome to 4 inspections a day world.


There are likely to be poured concrete footings for the bearing walls, both exterior and interior.

Not me. Two max, per day, then reports tomorrow.

Ditto, except I do reports the same, day.

Just saw a report the same except it was stone visible outside BUT parging on the interior walls and the new (under 2 yrs) inspector (trained by ahit) called the foundation concrete.

OR the dude could have been doing a report on his itty / bitty phone and hit the wrong check box