Thoughts on block wall?

This is the corner block wall foundation for an attached garage. The garage floor is a poured slab. Gutter looks like it has been pouring water in that area for some time. It looks like there may be some displacement.

The second set of pictures (next post) is what looks like to be a separate foundation for the fireplace (directly above these blocks). The only thing is they did not take the block all the way to the joists. It looks like they just shimmed it up with what ever they had laying around.


Hall 004.jpg

Hall 008.jpg

Hall 005.jpg

Hall 006.jpg

Here are the chimney foundation pics.

Ch 3.jpg

Ch 2.jpg


How old is the place Pat?

The home is 13-14 years old.

Am I seeing this right? The “chimney foundation” runs up to the joists, then the wood floor sturcture runs over it, and **then there’s a masonry chimney above?? **Say it isn’t so!

The chimney above is a framed chimney with a metal flue. I just have no idea why they stopped the block so short. I can understand shimming it a little but…


Probably originally planned as a masonry chimney and later changed by the builder or owner to reduce costs after the foundation contractor was finished.

Michael…that could be the case. I could not figure why they would have a 6x8 solid concrete block foundation and stop it a foot short.

Whats your take on the garage foundation?

Not enough info for me.
What I do see is what appears to be some settling of the footing because the crack in the bottom block of the first picture in post #1 is wider near the bottom.