Question About FL 4 Point Inspection

I want to change insurance companies and to do so I need a wind mitigation and a 4 point inspection just to get quotes from other insurance companies.

My question is, if you fail a 4 point inspection are you required by the Insurance companies to get another 4 point inspection after you make the required changes or can you just submit photos/receipts.

It is an older home and I imagine that there will be some changes required. The outlets are not AFCI. I am not sure if I should just call an electrician first or an inspector. Thanks.

A 4 point will note electrical hazards and unsafe wiring conditions / types, along with outdated service equipment such as fuse panels, and undersized service amperage (less than 100A). Updating to AFCI or even GFCI circuits is not required, but recommended. If you know of unsafe electrical conditions, by all means get an electrician to go over the system before the inspection. Otherwise have the inspection done first, and have a follow up inspection done after any noted defects are repaired. Usually the insurance company will want the inspector to validate the repairs and revise the report. Hope this helps…

What is a 4 point inspection?

Robert, a 4 point inspection is an overview inspection of the roof, electrical system, HVAC, and plumbing. Most insurance companies in Florida require them to be submitted for homes older than 30 years. They are looking for upgrades to older systems and roof condition.

Typically they will accept a receipt for a licensed tradesman that did the repair. But they are all different. Ask your agent.

Got it thanks.

If you have an older system you should have it evaluated first by a licensed electrician. Typically pre 1980"s. Have repairs made if any. Trust me…it will save alot of aggravation in the future.

Check your roof…does it have 4 yrs of estimated life. Do your ceilings have water stains?

Does the hot water have a tpr valve with the proper drain line

Any PB plumbing. Shut off valves installed

Any serious structural cracks

Does the air handler (if installed in the attic) have a drain pan installed.

Just a few things that will cause problems with your 4 point.