FPE panel question

Sorry to bother you guys, I researched the old posts of FPE Stab Lok, but couldn’t fine an answer. What I noticed most was the lack of any main breaker. Also, the sub-panel is fed with #8 copper wire, again with lack of any type of controll.
How best to word recommendations? Thanks!

That does not appear to be the service equipment which would account for the absence of a “main” disconnect. If it is the service equipment, a service disconnect is needed.

Info on FPE can be found here http://www.inspect-ny.com/fpe/fpepanel.htm

Thanks for the reply Jeff, I figured I could count on you!
Unfortunatly, this is the main service panel ( the top one ). If you notice the 3 main wires coming in on the top right side of the top panel, I traced those back to the meter base and overhead service from outside. As I mentioned, I just don’t understand why there shoudn’t be some type of main disconnect. The house was built in 1966, but surely they had “mains” back then?
Same with the sub-panel. Why not put in a 60 amp. 220v breaker to feed it?
Thanks again!:roll:

As much as I like FPE panels I think the obvious solution is about 1/4 stick of t.n.t., should take care of the problem. Maybe thats overkill but I just love FPE panels.