Framing question

Brand new construction, non-piggyback roof truss framing, H-clips installed between the decking. On to the question, these 2x4 sections were installed spanning the osb panels…why?

I think that the framer ran out of clips and was using these as a substitute?

Looks like what they did. Wouldn’t fly here as this does not allow for expansion or retraction as a clip would. I would report what I see and advise to have evaluated by a qualified framing contractor sitting the above

My guess is that they ran out of H-clips and wanted to support OSB panel edges a little better. Of course they’d have been better off running them horizontally if that were the case, but maybe it was easier this way.

Thanks for the confirmation and quick responses.


So you think it will cause the sheathing to split then ?

Trying to figure what you said because it is nailed to the rafters as well .

I’ve never seen expansion problems related to panel nailing, but I have seen panels buckle because there was no space left between them when they were installed. I’ve seen it only on roofs in which unprotected panels were left exposed to heavy rain. I think there’s enough give at fasteners from panel fiber compression around each fastener to allow panels to expand as they absorb moisture. When panel edges, which are where the majority of the moisture absorption takes place, are in contact before absorption/expansion begins, fibers near panel edges expanding as they absorb moisture cannot simultaneously compress enough to prevent panel buckling.


  • If you ask a carpenter, you are likely to hear:
  • stiffins up the roof

  • Higher span rating

  • maintain support

I agree with Kenton and it would make more sense to run horizontal. Maybe they didn’t want to install the full 70 - 75, or was it on certain portions of the house (Example: North)?

Also they should keep the plywood / roof sheathing- from bowing / buckling.