Free 1-day Electrical for Home Inspectors training seminar.

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It probably won’t matter if there is credit for this seminar or not considering i have not had one person rsvp for it. This is pathetic we go to the trouble of setting it up and NACHI is willing to pay for it except for the dinner (which is not a big deal) and you guy’s still won’t commit to it. Well if i’m the only one that shows up we are still having it. However i can promise everyone that we will not take the time or the trouble or the funds from NACHI to do anything else like this until there is more of a commitment from the members in Oklahoma. I have tried to have quarterly meeting’s and i can only get 5 or 6 people say that they will attend, well guy’s i can’t hardly ask someone to come and speak on some subject when there is only going to be that many attending. How embarrassing would that be for NACHI or myself after i convince someone that we are really interested in his product or service and would like to hear about it and then he gets here to speak and there are only 5 or 6 people present. Well it’s not going to happen i won’t do it and i won’t ask a company to send a representative to speak when the commitment is so low in this chapter.


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