1-day Structural & Electrical Course at Colorado NACHI in Denver on June 21, 2006.


This link has been changed to http://www.nachicertifiedtraining.com/

Hey Guys,

   I will be doing the electrical training....WOULD love to meet as many of you as possible, Hope as many of you that find the electrical portion of the Home Inspection challenging will come out and visit with me.

  NACHI has gone through ALOT of trouble to get me to you.....Take advantage of their BIG HEART !

I feel like I am being forced to go to this seminar…not just to meet Paul…

I have received no less than 15 emails in the last 3 days about this…I am being “called” to go…I “have” to go…I “must” go…the hypnosis is working…

I may not go…but if I do not go, I am sure I will wish I had…:wink:

I received 6 emails yesterday and 4 so far today.I would 1 or 2 would be plenty. I hope it is a good lunch for the $100 fee. I will pass.

Breakfast also Michael…and the great Paul A…I think 100 is about right for what we are getting…but then again, I need help w/ electrical…question is, should I go to a seminar that will cost me a CNote…or should I work and make 10 CNotes…decisions decisions…

Guys - it’s going to be a great afternoon / evening of training. Do your inspection(s) in the morning and get lots of good ed in the afternoon / evening. We had a bit a mis-communication in the last day or so, but its over and in just 18 short days, you will have a great time at the seminar.

If anyone else has any questions or concerns, please respond to this post. The website - www.NACHICertifiedTraining.com has all of the latest details.

If you want to see something else or think we are lacking in any way - advise me of your latest brainwave and I’ll see if we can implement it. This is a quality presentation and I want the best for all of the guys / gals that will be attending.

This event is being sponsored by NACHI and it has been my privilege to do the groundwork for the event. See you at the seminar and in the meantime, if you have something good to share, I want to hear it.

Nick - thanks for making the changes today - it’s excellent working with you!

lol…guys YOU dont have to come meet me…lol…I wont loose sleep over it Michael…trust me…:)…but if you want to learn how to do a proper electrical inspection…Come…if not…no worries…lol…and if you dont need any CE credits…oh well…:slight_smile:

If you are already Electrical Guru’s then probably not worth your time anyway…:slight_smile:

Sounds great to me! I love the afternoon start time, makes it easier for my 3 hour drive.
hey neuman-what, you can make it to New Mexico and not Denver? come on-I’ll buy ya a beer-wait if you’re making a grand a day, you can buy me one:p
Jeff-looking forward to meeting ya-have learned alot from your electrical stuff.

I can go about anywhere in wintertime…once summer hits, the phone keeps my travel plans from happening…I took yesterday off…first day off in 7 weeks I think?


whoops, of course I meant “Paul-looking forward to meeting ya.”
Tony-sounds like you’re working pretty hard, I’'l give ya a raincheck on the beer.

Guys & Gals - get your registration forms in - things are starting to heat up! Go to NACHICertifiedTraining.com to download your registration form! It’s going to be a great time.