FREE automated assistant calls members when a consumer/REALTOR needs an inspection.

Great work…it even works up here in CANADA


Robert called me to test the system!!

You can use the following code to insert this function
into your personal web site if you like. You can
adjust the ID number to make it work for you.
See my site for an example.

Insert this code to your site:
<hr />
<div align=‘center’>
<a href=“” target=“callMeWin” >
<img border=“0” src=“” width=“207” height=“27” alt=“Have This Inspector Call Me” title=“Have This Inspector Call Me” />
<font face=“arial”; color="#00000" size=“2”>I Will Receive An Instant Phone Message To Call You
<hr />

See an example at my site:

Thanks to Chirs and NACHI for another great member benefit.
I had a Client contact me with this new function just
after I placed it on my web site. Works great!

Thanks to Mr Sieg for the code.

John, thanks to you, Chris and NACHI for this cool tool…

I was Just about to ask if there was code to do exactly that.
looks pretty darn sharp

put it on my About page