Free "Call Me Now" buttons. Automated assistant calls you when consumer on your site.

Our automated assistant system is free BTW.

And we just added Spanish buttons.

new buttons. Woot!

New buttons look great Nick, Thanks

I use it on every page of my website except the “request an inspection” form page.
IMO, excellent selling tool that gives me an edge above the rest.

Works great & many prospective clients have used it.
If they want to have you call them right away, that’s a good sign - a “buyer” is ready to buy! It’s halfway sold.

Call them back quickly & close the sale! :smiley:

I thought that was the coolest thing, when you brought that out years ago!
Gal the other day was flabbergasted I called her back so soon, clinched a nice mold test!

Happy New Year Russell. Good to see you post. Haven’t read a post from you in quite some time. Take care.


Hey, Bert!
Yep, I’m still kickin’ . .
Jeanne & I are still inspecting (Just got a call a few minutes ago), and I’m phasing into the next chapter of my life: !

That’s great to hear Russell. You’ve both worked hard and deserve to ease into that next phase and keep on enjoying. Glad you’re still here.