Free Commercial Property Inspection class with Nick Gromicko on September 8, 2016.

We’ll have plenty of food and drinks too. All free.

And while you’re here, visit the InterNACHI House of Horrors inspector training facility , the Inspection Museum , and the InterNACHI Inspector Marketing Department.

It’s all free.

We’re providing dinner for free as well.

And everyone who attends gets a box full of free door prizes.

Join us!

For more information and to register, CLICK HERE.

You really need to be doing stuff like this in the off season, like January/February. September/October is my second busiest time of the year. Just ain’t gonna happen!

August - September is typically our slowest time of the year;-)

Yup, I’m aware.
InterNachi (and others) cater to Florida, California and Texas due to the numbers there. The rest of the country suffers. Ever notice that some conferences are no longer viable? Many Northern inspectors are tired of placing their businesses on hold in prime season, and then paying inflated travel expenses to attend. Double whammy. Many of us are done playing those games. It’s not in our businesses best interests.

It’s busy here now.

I just realized that the seminar is scheduled at the same time has the Super Bowl champion Denver Broncos are opening the season. I have to cancel my attendance to the seminar. There will be another one.

Good, I can go without hearing crying about how bad the Bronco’s are without Peyton! LOL! I’ve always been a fan of the RAIDERS! :slight_smile: I know, it’s hard living in Colorado as a Raider fan, but this JUST may be our year, I’ve seen steady improvement from my team the last 2 years.

Just having fun with ya!

Enjoy the game, I’m gonna enjoy the class!

You wouldn’t hear any crying from me. They will be winning either way, with or without Manning!

I’m sorry that you are a Raider fan. One day you might decide to root for a real NFL team. ;-):mrgreen:

It’s too bad the steady improvement you have seen will take a big step back this year. They still won’t win the division. :twisted::twisted::twisted:

David, I may have a new friend to rib! Sometimes it’s just not fun to rib your in-laws or husband… although he takes it pretty good.

I don’t agree. If you look at the biggest InterNACHI events in each of those three states, you’ll see something in common: A host.

  • InterNACHI’s California Chapter hosted the huge meeting recently in Southern California. InterNACHI didn’t choose that location.
  • TPREIA is hosting the upcoming convention in Texas. InterNACHI didn’t choose that location.
  • Dan Huber of ISN is hosting Inspection Fuel in Florida. InterNACHI didn’t choose that location.

You put together a venue… we’ll come to Bangladesh.

Proof is that I just drove 20 hours to and from Las Cruces, New Mexico (middle of nowhere). Our chapter there put together a nice event and we packed the house. Here are PICs from the meeting:

I also recently did a four-city tour in Pennsylvania.

We have great events everywhere: Come to one.

60 inspectors registered for Thursday night’s event.

Make that 61!

Nick, I’ll be in Boulder in December and including ALL of the above, I’ll want to “inspect” the SHOE museum! LOL! BTW, I was booked for that event but unfortunately had to cancel owing to a death in the family!


So how many are from outside of Colorado?

Is there free wi-fi at the class? I’m coming from an inspection just over La Veta Pass, I’ll probably head up right after the inspection, but I’ll have a couple hours to spare baring any AWFUL Denver/Boulder traffic, so I can finish up my inspection before class, and not use my OWN Data plan!! LOL!

Yes, we have wi-fi.

Last year, most attendees were from out of state. We had inspectors from as far away as Australia attend.

63 attendees registered for tonight.