Free credit card processing packages for NACHI members.


It’s been over 30 years since I took a math class so can you explain how $42+ a month is free?

It is not a NACHI product/service. See the contact information at the bottom of their offer.

I understand that but this is the title of the post “Free credit card processing packages for NACHI members”. Not trying to argue with you but that is far from free.

In other words, he just posts what vendors want him to - he doesn’t check the validity of it.

I’ve got a **free **1996 Dodge Caravan for sale for only $2200. Any takers ?

Joe M. is basically correct. With over 400 vendors offering NACHI members upwards of tens of thousands of products and services, NACHI does not often change the wording of third party press releases.

This message board is designed to ferrit out any poor product/service providers and any false advertising claims… the system works. That is why I post everything here.

I do believe that this particular company gives you the $1,000 piece of equipment free, am I incorrect? Asking for processing fees too would be like asking a car dealer who gave you a car to buy you gas forever too. No?

I actually ordered one for my school. The machine is free. I am charged a monthly fee for the wireless telephone built into the unit and I am charged 2% monthly on charges and a 10 per month processing fee. I cheked into other systems which charge the same monthly tyoe charges and ask for 300-700 for the machine besides. So I agree the machine was issued to me free.

You can get a free cell phone but the phone calls are not free. A free cell phone doesn’t mean it’s use is free, only the phone itself is free.

Got mine from a previous NACHI post from: Bill Janis 847-263-1292 this is the post I replied to from NACHI in March 2006. It works great and the fees are reasonable- Money is deposited within 48 hours into my bank account.

I am satisfied with this product offering for NACHI members.