Free credit card systems for all InterNACHI members.

Is there a monthly fee?

FREE! Credit card systems for all InterNACHI Home Inspectors and service professionals!
Nurit 8000 wireless, Hypercom T4100 landline with optional Check Guarantee Imager, Virtual system online for keying in, Recurring billing, or E-commerce for purchases from your website!


InterNACHI Home Inspector, here is an opportunity to take part in Bank card history, Empowered Point of Sale, Inc.]( FREE give away program a total $1500.00 value. That’s correct it’s absolutely FREE with no upfront or out of pocket cash, no four year lease with a 10% buyout, no application, activation or service fee’s and above all no risk. Visa/MasterCard has a proven science of strong added cash flow, revenue streams and increased profits that you’ll discover for your Home Inspection business. Even the shipping, installation and training is FREE. Other FREE benefits include vigorous on going support 24/7, 365 days a year. GAA (Global access advantage) allows you a FREE online status report of your processing anytime, anywhere. Visa/MasterCard Processing fees apply.

Bill Janis – 1.847.263.1292](
[FONT=Arial]1.72% Discount rate
.25 Trans fee
$10.00 statement fee
$15.00 airtime fee (wireless only)

Perhaps the thread should be renamed:

"Free credit card systems for all U.S.A. InterNACHI members."

Not avaliable in Canada…doh!