Credit card processing deal from Home Inspector Pro.

Home Inspector Pro is offering an amazing deal to people wanting to process credit cards it’s partnership with, First National Bank. This deal is good Until April 31st go to to sign up. Right now this is for US customers only, but processing for Canadian inspectors is coming shortly.

Here’s everything laid out for you, up front!

$50 setup fee rather than the normal $100.
Monthly cost is $5 + $9.95 for PCI Compliance (all merchants are required to be PCI compliant no matter what company you use, some companies charge up to $30 a month).
1 year contract rather than the normal 3.
$100 referral bonus for signing up another person
If you already have a processor, First National promises a $500 visa gift card if they cant beat your current rates.
No monthly minimums.
No monthly report fees.
No other hidden fees.

No hardware required!! Process cards on your cell phone (with internet access), your website or send invoices via email.
Interest rates vary from 2.03% to 2.35% depending on card type (Debit vs Credit). Depending on your volume they might be able to go lower.

For more information visit [FONT=arial] and fill out the Form. The bank will contact you and go over all the details.[/FONT]


Dominic Maricic
President of Home Inspector Pro
Toll Free: 1-888-750-4777

Hey InterNACHI members, here is a way you can make money by getting paid for processing credit cards.****

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From now on perceive your credit card system as an employee who never complains or misses work. You’ll look forward to using credit cards instead of dreading it knowing that your getting paid. You also have the opportunity to recommend as many new referrals and as many other merchants as you want. To make even more residual capital off of their credit card processing. Who knows? You might even find a new budding career in the bankcard industry or maybe discover a good second source of income. If anything is for sure this program will offset your processing cost, if not abolish it all together. In these harsh economic times every businessperson needs every monetary advantage and financial edge**. All this will factually do is give back to you the merchant what you should have been getting paid all this time anyway. A residual kickback every time your credit card system is used.** Decreasing your overhead expense simultaneously increasing your bottom line profits.

It’s said necessity is the mother of invention. This is an actuality whose time has come and way too long overdue. The middleman (sales force) is eliminated streamlining the interchange passage to you making you the fiscal recipient. Program offered only to merchants that apply after 04-21-10. One thing is for sure and definite, no other processor or competitor makes this amazing offer because we invented it. Empowered is its true architect and creator. It’s really unheard of, to actually pay out cash for processing credit cards that makes you money anyway. This new partnership idea of sharing the backend residual income is totally innovative, unique and original in the merchant processing industry. Empowered Point of Sale, Inc. will always professionally strive and continue to be the pioneering leader and the trendsetting first in bankcard. Spearheading this novel, revolutionary way of processing credit cards and doing business in America!

Sharing the wealth,

Bill Janis

Empowered Point of Sale, Inc.
1.847.263.1292 Phone
1.866.282.8009 Fax

Bill, I find it extremely inappropriate for you to be posting this here. I haven’t been posting in your threads. How is your deal different than just giving people a lower percentage rate. The bank we use could raise everyones rate then give them a credit and say they’re “paying them”. I don’t see any kick back. What’s the difference?

Agreed Dominic.

Taking it under consideration. Thanks Dom

aside from it being a pretty good deal numbers-wise, the customer service is top notch as well. I am far from computer savvy and they put up with my ignorance.

The bank we’ve been using for the last 4 years for US inspectors is finally ready to open the doors to Canadian inspectorw!

We’re accepting applications this week for 6-10 inspectors so that we can test things out and make sure everything is going smoothly before launching to everyone at the end of the month. The rates are going to basically be the same as the US. $5 for the processing + $10 for PCI Compliance = $15 a month. Then the interest rate will be between around 2.03%-2.33%. There is no report fee, no monthly wireless fee, no other fees of any kind (just ask our current users). If you do NO cards you’d pay $15 (that’s the magic question to ask credit card processors). The bank currently is running a special where the signup fee is only $50 and it’s only a 1 year contract (normally it’s 3).

You can process cards through your website, through your internet enabled cell phone, write down the info and process it at home. It’s up to you. This is via an arrangement we made after negotiating with many banks years ago to get the best rates for our users. Though like any deal, we extend this to all InterNACHI members whether they are using our services or not.

For more information go to or go directly to,com_performs/formid,7/to signup. The bank will contact you with all the information. Once the first 6 to 10 (not sure exactly where they will stop right now) have signed up, the rest can choose to start the paperwork to be ready to roll once everything goes completely public.