FREE Email Acct

For all InterNACHI members who are INFRARED CERTIFIED, you can now
have a FREE custom email acct. with

If you are listed on our Infared-Certified Inspector page, then you already qualify!…id=4&Itemid=14

If you would like a listing, then just post your info on this thread and I
will add your name, company name, location and web URL, just like the
other inspectors already listed. FREE. You must be INFRARED CERTIFIED
to be listed on this page (see:

Example:** ‘yourname’

1- Select the name you want on your email acct. and post it on this thread
2**- **I will send you a personal message with your temp login password.
3- You will then login and and create your own private password.
(I will not have access to your password).

Your login page will be at
These accts are powered by Google gmail server (high quality server).

Let your Client see your infrared certification in your email domain…!!!

Another InterNACHI Benefit that is provided FREE for members only.

Very nice! Wow!

You can forward emails, download like a regular POP acct. from your current
email program, or check your email online.