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SPAM !!!

I keep getting these ‘unwanted’ emails, even though I opt out.

Now I have to read these ‘unwanted’ emails on the MB.

SPAM !!!

This “e-mail” post, that doesn’t allow to be “unsubscribed” from, should not be allowed on the MB.

If allowed, it should be posted in the “classified section”.

Post: First 10 Students Get This Deal
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Every email has a unsubscribe link.

Your email address has been removed…

All you have to do is ask.

Which I have used.

And approx. 1 month later, I will receive another one.

I do not tolerate SPAM, and have given you more latitude, **ONLY **because you are a Nachi member.

No more.

Constant Contact (my email company) has an automated system. There must have been a hitch in the system or your connection (I have no idea). I was not even aware of the problem. I went in and removed your email address.

We put the email removal link at the top of each email sent out. Our goal is to honor each persons request and have no desire to spam you.

Let me know if you have any more problems.