Free gift card and gifts when you join or renew your COSTCO membership.

Sam’s Club and Costco ARE NOT the same company!

My bad. Sam’s Club deal coming up next. Give me a minute.

Could you post the link to the actual $25 gift card?

Costco DOES NOT EVER offer incentives for membership RENEWALS. I am a 25+ year member. Never did and never will offer them to existing members. I inquired of them the last time Nick tried posting his false discounts for them. To paraphrase… “No way in hell”!

I think you are correct. Here are the details:

Just ordered a pizza tonight from Papa John’s and saved 25% with the InterNACHI discount. Thanks Nick!!

I use InterNACHI’s Super Deals all the time. Remember, if you are on a 20% profit margin, saving $100 is the accounting equivalent to going out and earning $500. Nothing to sneeze at.