Free Home Energy Inspection Webinar on July 22, 2012.

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Webinar #1: 43 open “seats” left.
Webinar #2: 19 open “seats” left.

Because of the overwhelming response, we now have** 500** open seats available.

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There’s plenty of open seats now – 500 open seats!

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		  			And every attendee will receive "Air Leaks and Air Sealing: A Homeowner's Guide" as a free downloadable PDF.

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Tonight 9-9:30pm EST.
Tomorrow night 9-9:30pm EST.

Home Energy Inspections - the most profitable ancillary inspection you could offer.

FREE webinars.

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Great job on the webinar!!

Thanks Ben.

I thought the webinar was worth the time, thanks.

I hope Ben answers my questions.

So far… 342 have registered for tonight’s webinar.

You can register for tonight’s webinar - [

We’ll record tonight’s webinar, and we’ll put it up on that page later in the week.

Did you play the tutorial video yet?

Here’s the PDF guide for homeowners -

Here’s the PDF checklist -

Try generating a hypothetical energy report (no cost) - [

Draft of an SoP for energy inspections - [

Create an agreement addendum for energy inspection reports -

Feedback from inspectors using the report tool is that they’re selling it for $50-$100. Doing neighborhood sweeps. And contacting past clients. Many inspectors are also including an energy report with their general home inspection, and then bumping up the fee of the general home inspection a bit.