Free Home Energy Inspections for Home Inspectors webinar on August 6, 2012.

I’m in for this one. When can we start using the online software? I’m already designing a page for my website.

Start now. Inspectors are producing Home Energy Reports every day.


Click **“Generate a Home Energy Report”

Is this Webinar the same as the last two, or continuing on from them?

Jeffrey, I’m guessing it covers the same content. I’ll find out for you though.

We’re building on the previous two webinars.

  • We’ve got a ton of feedback from inspectors about the tool.
  • We’ve got new marketing pieces available.
  • We’ve got feedback on how inspectors are selling this service.
  • We’ve got new Homeowner Guides available.
  • We’ve got a new training course available.
  • and
  • We’ll go over checklists, iPad, iPhone, Droids, and other mobiles.

About 700 attended the last two; I expect this next one to be just as big.

Problem using the tool; After inputting all the information, nothing happens when I click the “Generate Report” Button. Any one else having this problem? I have tried two seperate days and still not working. I’m using Windows 7 and IE 9. I have even disabled my Norton AntiV and still no work-E.

We’ve got nearly 250 registered.

Only 250 open seats left.

Webinar details and registration at

468 people registered for Monday Night Webinar.


Webinar details and registration at