Free Moisture Seminar March 3rd

Hi to all,

One of the groups I’m involved with is holding a seminar in Naples FL on March 3rd, we are filming this for an upcoming DVD covering moisture related issues in the home.

Attendance is free but space is limited so please register.

I look forward to seeing you (and any guests that you wish to bring) there.



Always helping Gerry. Thanks.

I am sponsoring a hole in an realtor golf outing, and of course I have to be there to play, so I will be looking forward to the DVD.
Thanks Jerry:D

Gerry, what ever happened to the dvd?

Gerry, since it is you giving the Seminar, I will be right there on time as soon as you send me up the Plane Tickets. :mrgreen::wink:

Nice to see you in the Seminar Arena again.

Thanks for all you do.

Me to Gerry. My address is on my website. :slight_smile:

Good grief guys, this was 18 months ago :wink:


Back away from your television sets…you have just entered the outer limits…


Yeah, and still waiting for my plane tickets. :mrgreen::wink:

18 months those tickets should have been there…shoddy service i would say…

Gerry, did anyone show up?

I bet they were all late cause they just saw your post just now. :):wink:

Maybe it is for 2010