Free online electrical course by Siemens

Great free online electrical course produced by siemens at


We have that training available. It’s in the technical library in the members only section. Just log into the members only page and you will find it.


Certificates of completion only sent to locations in
Northern California

are you trying to keep me from feeding my family Kenton…hmmm…no help for you in the furture fella…lol…( Just Kidding…I may help you once or twice …lol )

Good day, I want to say a very thank you for your help making available these kind of Programme for those of us that will naturally unable to attend or afford the online study. I know a little about panel. But want to i improve on the knowledge, and that of wiring intermediate switch connection.


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I think that it’s safe to say that no one cares about a thread from 2006. :smiley:

LOL…I never worried…:wink: