Free Online Electrical course

Hi to all,

We have today launched the next online educational course for members:

I hope you all find it useful, please don’t hesitate to email me with any suggestions.

I have to thank member and NEC trainer Paul Abernathy for acting as technical consultant on the project, and also Michael Rowan of Inspection Depot and Mike Holt od Mike Holt Enterprises for the use of their images.

Thanks also go to members who post pictures to this site, and our image library, you snap some great pics guys.



Way to go Gerry. Nice job.

Thanks for the kudo’s :wink:

Hi Jeff,

thanks for the kind words and for some great pictures.



Superb Gerry!

Jerry , good job done well, spelleings on page 4 Under limited circumstances such as motor circuits these amperages may be bigger. Hnce the table rating being higher

Needs some minor clean up, but EXCELLENT job on a free NACHI Member course … =D>

Dont clean up the electrical content…lol…it is SOUND information…:slight_smile:

Thanks Charles, I missed that one it’s fixed now



Sweet! :smiley:

Chris added a new feature last night:

I haven’t had the time to go through the course, but the technical content looks good. I am talking more about general editing and clean up. For example from the first page …

An example of general clean up would be as follows …

JMO and 2-nickels … :wink:

Thats a really great feature … =D>

Come on Robert. Gerry speaks English, not American. . . :smiley:


I looked at it briefly this morning. EXCELLENT MATE!

Just for your reference the Ministry Of The Environment for Ontario has decreed that a metal well casing is not allowed to be used as a ground for electrical panels.
I guess they are worried about the worms. lol

Very nice course. I especially liked this quote:

***“Adrenalin is brown” :stuck_out_tongue: ***

lol…yeah I liked that one also…

Everyone knows adrenalin is GREEN!:stuck_out_tongue:

OK Todd, why green? :mrgreen:



Adrenaline is a reaction to stress and Green seems to fit.
Now where is my link to the Roofing course???

Did you check my score on the sparky exam?:wink:

It’s folks like you Gerry that keep this ***. Viable

That is an excellent test for HI’s I just wish I could convince folks about the PPE:(!!! NACHI is heading in the right dirrection.:smiley:

It’s folks like you Gerry that keep me here and keep NACHI a force in the industry. Kudos my friend and I wish you a happy LEG OVER this weekend!