Free passes to Vegas Inspectors Conference. First 25 to reply win.

Only take these free attendance tickets if you are sure you are going to attend. I don’t want to waste them.

Here is the link to the event:

Win by posting your name and your email address (I need your email address to email you the coupon code to get your ticket at no charge).

Spouses/partners of winners can come for free as well.

Guys here get all crazy if you don’t follow directions, so if you don’t post your email address… I have to ignore your post.

Derek Grace

Gabriel Portillo

I’m in. Frank Rotte
Thanks Nick. Can I take me spouse?

Thanks Nick,

I just need one.

Bill Forrest

All 25 winners can bring their spouse or partner for free as well.

21 tickets left.


I’ll take one. Dave Fetty. Just saw the spouse thing! Very cool! So my babe can go too! or

I’ll take one.

Stephen Stanczyk

Thanks Nick, see you in October.

Ron Cleland & spouse Linda

18 left.

Dave Range

17 left.

Mike Becker
Il bring my spouse also
Thank you

16 left.

Justin Rude

Kris Hermiller

Paul Dixon

13 left.