Free, quick, 1-hour tax webinar for home inspectors on the night of March 28, 2013.

Webinar recording is now available at

Nice to refresh but was disappointed that it came across as a commercial for TaXBot rather than being all that useful.

Tips were nothing but basic such as write offs for food,fun,travel,vehicle and tools.

Not sure if the guy was an expert or just a someone reading a script as he only took a couple questions from Ben and got out of Dodge.

The push was for us to get a phone app at discount which is normally I think $12.99 but $9 for Nachi members @ month.
That pretty much sums up what I got out of the hour though I had to take a client call and got in 10 minutes or so late.

Was hoping for answers from members session .

TaxBot was the useful tip. And it’s pretty useful IMHO.

Maybe I am not that trusting but putting my personal expenses on the web is not something I find interesting or persuasive as helpful.

Personally would rather take off line shots (pictures) of a written pad that can not be held hostage for a monthly fee.
What was shown was basically a long known who,what,where,when,and how form which can be printed and a picture of a receipt placed next to it that gets stored on line .

If there is more to it that was not explained during the parts are heard.

Sticking to my shoebox for now…:slight_smile:

I don’t get to make decisions on stuff like this… basic math does.

I have assigned a dollar value to a “Nick Hour.” You should come up with one for a “Bob Hour.” It’s something equal to or less than the most you can make per hour doing anything you do. You can then treat and trade on your Bob Hours just as you would any other commodity.

So in this case, if (my Nick Hour value X number of Nick Hours saved) + estimated taxes saved > $9/month… I do it. If it is < $9/month… I don’t do it.

I go through my business life never having to think.

P.S. TaxBot itself is tax deductible, so the $9 above is really only about $8.

You by passed my concern .
Having my finances on a cell phone.

I can do the same thing offline.

The guy giving the seminar decided not to take these concerns.(perhaps he was just a script reader)

Hi, Elliot.

Sandy Botkin is not “a script reader.” He’s a well-known lecturer from whom I have learned a great deal.

Had you attended the entire webinar (you were 15 minutes late) or read the notes of the presentation slides made available at, you would have come to learn of Sandy’s qualifications, which are considerable: CPA, tax attorney, former trainer for IRS attorneys, etc.

I’m impressed to hear that you know so much about business practices - very good for you. But what about the thousands of home inspectors who do not have such grasp on business practices, such as the 24-hour entertainment deduction rule? Personally, that was new to me. And the Taxbot is a cool app, just like many apps that professionals use, which securely store certain types of personal information in the “cloud” - it’s the way things are done now.

Because of the positive feedback from hundreds of members related to this recent webinar with Sandy Botkin, InterNACHI will soon be releasing a series of business courses for home inspectors, including “How to Write a Business Plan,” “Record Keeping Course,” “Home Office Deduction Course.”

From the feedback received, there is indeed a need for business practices training and courses on business growth using technology. And InterNACHI will, therefore, be providing such training in the near future. I hope you will find them useful for your business or at least for your colleagues.

Thanks for your feedback.

Did I touch a nerve or something Ben ?

Not only did you address me with my last name but you also mispelled it.
That is not a good way to “win” an argument as it shows defeat but I thought this was a discussion of my feedback ?

That should not be taken by you personally unless there is something you wish to share ?

Do you recieve royalties for those that sign up ?
There was no mention that the presentation was a sales event for a product and it would have been nice to know that in advance.

Not here to argue with you and had no idea you would attack me for my opinion on what was pitched as an educational event.

My knowledge of taxes may be the lowest of the low but the tips were the most basic and I sure wish we could have asked questions as advertised which is why I wondered if he was an expert or a pitchman.

Next time I will know better than to give anything but sugar to avoid your wrath .

Be thankful the “Dark Forces” did not attend…:twisted:

I had forgotten why I only buy trucks (not cars). The webinar reminded me why.

Nick driving a over 6,000 lb single seat truck would not work for me. lol
Driving a 35 mi per gallon SUV that can park on crowded streets does however.
Goes to show how screwed up Government is when they tell you to save or conserve while allowing write offs to waste.

They should and maybe one day will just get rid of cash all together then simply tax everything you purchase.

It would be a better system but kill the black market except maybe “Gold”…:slight_smile:



I think it was a great webinar. There’s no need to insult the presenter (by calling him a “script reader”), is there?

I think he was a very good presenter. And because he was our first guest presenter on our webinar series, I made sure he brought good content.

Yes. He’s selling an app. No biggy. I wouldn’t let that distract you anymore than it already has.

As to the questions… I make absolutely sure that all questions asked prior, during and after my webinars are forwarded. (I see that you chose not to ask a single question during the entire hour-long webinar).

I do not receive royalties. I actually signed up for Taxbot myself just an hour ago. I’m going to see what it’s like.

That’s their plan. Revelation 13:17.

The presentation had a lockout that did not allow questions till it was over and he was gone immediately after you came on.
Did not see any others questions there.

Was mine the only one locked out ?

Also notice you are still spelling my name wrong Meko.

You did not answer my question as to if you get a commission or not ?

I asked if he was a reader or an expert …I repeat…because the entire hour was a rehearsed “power Point”.
Why would that insult you Gromeko ?

Meko doesn’t get a commission. LOL. It is rehearsed though… but I’m O.K. with that.

Anyway, a VISA card is represented by 3 old world empires: “VI” is the Roman numeral 6. “S” is the Stigma in the Greek culture whose value is 6. “A” in the Babylonian culture is 6… 666. Revelation 13:17.

Woops - BOB - not Elliot. My apologies.

No. No commission or anything that you’re suggesting. Please.

I’m not insulted. Again, relax.

The point - I think the presenter did a fine job. We wouldn’t put a “script reader” on an InterNACHI webinar (as you suggested). Silly.

BTW: I just logged into my Taxbox account, and there are dozens of training videos available - All for small businesses. Good stuff.

Meko, I mean Ben, LOL, are the videos free? I didn’t see those. What are they?

Glad you did not mean it as I have always associated Ben with “gentile” for some reason that escapes me.

I did copy a few of the graphics …5 ? but to be honest a simple copy of the Powerpoint would have been less time consuming.

Maybe I missed it at the start…darn people wanting to book inspections…lol but did not hear much about the app till I went on Google Play and the main site.

Now back to revelations.

(seriously though )

1)Wish there was a representation in the invite that he was a rep for a profit business.
2)Wish I could have asked questions ,not that I am prone to that or anything.

Thought you were Atheist …at least that is what the Pope told me.

Just wait till you get the implant.
Google glasses is the first step.

These videos are free (or cost nothing more than the Taxbot fee). I’m going through a ton of them. They’re really good, and Sandy is kinda fun to watch.

I’ve gone through enough videos to understand a few things very clearly:
Eat lunch with another home inspector. It’s deductible!
(a) Make an appointment prior to, (b) make the place conducive to talking about business (no clubs), © document clear and specific reason to meet.

You get two inspectors together, they can’t help talk business.