Free shoe covers for Certified Professional Inspectors®.

Thanks Nick. I am ordering as soon as I can log into the store

Perfect timing on your post. I am ordering a thermal camera today and will add the shoe covers to my order. Thanks.

Steve, you’re a CMI. Email me and I’ll send you a pair of the CMI ones: .

Should we email you for the shoe covers?

The high-end ones (they cost us 20 times the free ones) are here: For $14, what the heck, go all the way.

now you tell me

I recently ordered the CMI high ends ones and I have to say they are the best reusable covers I have ever purchased. Well worth the cost. From the weight, I suspect they will hold up well to the washer. Another great product.

Two pairs of free CPI shoe covers. I’ll give them a try. Another display of professionalism from the folks at InterNACHI.

Bob Kelley
Dixie Home Inspections, Inc.

I’ll order two pair please. Thank you InterNACHI.

Thanks InterNACHI, ordering some today!

thanks, nick. need these in my area a lot !

Do we need to enter a coupon code?


All 200 free ones are gone (stuff goes fast on this message board). They weren’t the best quality and so we won’t be carrying them again. We upgraded to a $14 pair which are super high quality.

Go to 52nd second of that video. They’re too slippery.

Wishing all my fellow inspectors a very Merry Christmas!
Charlie Parker
Checkmate Home Inspections
11997 White Oak Run
Conroe, Texas 77385
(281) 844-0803

I win!
Brian Shriver
4014 Italy Hill Rd
Branchport, NY 14418

Momma needs new shoe covers

Yes would love one pair! Merry Christmas!!!