Hot PICs: The Ultimate Shoe Covers for Certified Master Inspectors.

Coming soon!


  • MADE IN THE USA of imported fabric; durable quality construction; last 6 to 9 months on average.

  • SUPERIOR GRIP that you can count on; non-skid water and slip-resistant rubberized sole so you can feel safe and secure when visiting your customers’ homes.

  • WATER-RESISTANT uppers made of high quality polyurethane coated nylon fabric so you don’t bring moisture inside.

  • MACHINE WASHABLE and ECO FRIENDLY; by reusing the same pair over and over you are generating less landfill when compared to disposable shoe covers and helping the environment.

  • 3 SIZES FOR PROFESSIONAL LOOK; stand out from the competition; show respect to your customers and get more referrals.

Coming soon!

Those beat the heck out of the re-usables I now use.

They look similar, if not identical to the ones we use. I have had this pair over a year. Still going strong.

Looks GREAT! Excited when they are able to be sold.

Now there’s a useful product. I’ll be getting a few pair.

We use very similar shoe covers, we need to order some more. Do you know pricing yet?

I use similar covers and they last a year or more in real use, they trap mud and water and don’t slip and slide on the floor. I would definitely rock these.

Could you make some for us CPI’s?


Those look awesome, can’t wait to stock up. Looking forward to the launch.

Thanks can’t wait.

Shoe covers similar to those got me more inspections (showing respect without a word) than almost anything else.

I will buy some.

Nice product, I would be proud to wear those. Along with all the other master inspector products. (wife sewed on the labels to my tactical shirts)

Shoe covers are my number one marketing item. Will order when available!

I need these now

Nick, these awesome, I need a few pairs for all my crews… Any idea when they will be available?


A week or so.


Looking forward to these when they are available.