Freedom of Assembly and Speech are Sacred Liberties...

for both sides of any issue.

I think that the way we were treated by our own citizens in the late 60s and early 70s prepared us to do what we can, today, under similar circumstances. We don’t need the Supreme Court to watch over us - for vets will always take care of their own. The truth is…I’d rather have a military veteran watching my back than a judge, any day.

To the family of any American vet: take solace and know that the Supreme Court has no authority to enforce any of the insane rulings they hand down. Americans stand by their veterans, even if the judicial branch of the government does not.

Awesome…love seeing stuff like this.

America is always stronger and well respected when a former military person is President. Not now. We are getting walked-on by many foreign countries currently. Donald Trump is very upset with what is going on, so much so that he wants to run for President, and tell the world how China will be producing so much for us and the world, that they will be the ones in control soon.

Collen Powell should have been President.