Frequent burnt out bulb

Need some advice on a problem I ran into today and have heard about occasionally from customers.

The complaint is that they are going through light bulbs at an abnormal rate. While this is of course a subjective thing, what they describe does seem way too frequent to me. For instance, 4 - “4 year” halogen flood bulbs in one socket in one year. Today it was a one year old house on a warranty inspection. They had many burnt out bulbs, too many and too many different types to be just a bad batch.

Anyone have any suggestions on causes and resolutions to advise client about this?


Check for loose grounded conductor(s).

Voltage issues in general.

Is the house near a highway or RR tracks?..maybe vibration.

Just a thought.


As larry stated I would suggest they have an electrician check the connections in the panel for the grounded conductors as well as check to ensure the light bulbs being placed in these lights MEET the requirements of the lights itself…could simply be a voltage problem

As for the halogen bulbs…make sure they know that when replacing those they do their best to not touch the bulbs to get oils on them…but I will say I see ALOT of halogens burn out simply because the spring settings and contact points are bad in the fixture itself…so if this is the SAME fixture in one year…I would consider possibly replacement…the only thing they are out is the cost of a new light…NO Worries…they are cheap.

Sometimes loose connections within in the light itself can cause this as well…but the largest thing I see that blows bulbs is slamming doors and so on lets say the wall a light is on…shakes the fixture…rattles the bulb and the filiment blows…Same for exterior lights…wind blows…shakes the fixture and filiment rattles and blows…

Another suggestion would be if they are lights that do not need a fancy bulb in and they simply want light…try some of the low wattage flourescent lights…the piggly wiggly looking ones…

Or 130 volt light bulbs.

If it’s in the kids room. They need to take all objects kids think would
be fun to swing at the light fixture, out of the room. Start charging the kids $1.00 a bulb.

This may not work right away…but my money jar was full of $1’s within a year.

I would replace the fixture…especially if it was stamped (MADE IN CHINA)