Fresh air from Attic Space

95% efficiency gas furnace.

It’s taking it’s air from the attic, and I don’t think the exhaust is right either.

Is it allowable to get its fresh air from the attic space?

I would think both these pVc pipes should be at the exterior.

Combustion air from an attic is acceptable if there is a supply of fresh air coming into the attic thru vents. However, the end of the pipe must be above the insulation layer and not have a screen on it (IRC 2407.11.6 and figure G2407.6.1(2).)

Obviously exhaust must go outside.

Thanks Greg. You can’t tell from the pic, but there is a screen at the intake.

I’ll put it in the report, thanx for the code reference! :smiley:

Those pipes need insulation as well.

Why? I’ve never seen them insulated in the attic space before. Just curious