From Mike Holt on CSST

Just received this, haven’t read it yet.

It is a shame that the issue of bonding was never discussed and whether it was in place or missing . I also did not see what the arcing was to something external or whether it was just along the tubing itself.

I have a piece of CSST with a hole in it from a family property.

The CSST was not bonded.

1/16" hole with obvious melting around the hole.

It was in an enclosed ceiling running through wood floor trusses and not near any grounded metal.

Apparent lighting strike to the home as we found burnt NM in a wall 20 ft. away from the CSST when we were moving a window.

Lightning is crazy stuff.

CSST Location.jpgCSST Hole.jpg

Not surprising, considering the composition of lightning…

You know I completely agree. Should it be implied that the found CSST was not bonded? Has anyone ever found a CSST caused fire where they also found “proper” bonding? That is the million dollar question to me.

Also for my own knowledge, I need to look up and study information on proper bonding techniques. Do not think I saw that in the list of InterNACHI courses. I’m calling out just about every gas vent I see that goes through the attic/roof. In the few months experience I have had, I have seen only one vent where I found it was bonded. I assumed properly.

I have not but have read it has happened in studies of the issue.

Sounds like you are saying even when bonded there is an issue with the CSST. If so it sounds like bonding has no bearing on the failure rate.

Have you read the studies?

There is so much CSST out there you should not be expecting a recall.


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